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Plasma Pen

  • How does plasma Pen Work?

    This treatment will consist of a technician using a hand held device which generates plasma where a clear smoke is produces as a result of sublimating process.

    Sublimation is the physical term for shifting solid to gas.

    The pen heats the dermis in its targeted area which begins to shed post treatment allowing new fresher skin to form. At the same time new collagen starts to form on the area.

    There is no thermal damage in the process.

  • Who is plasma pen best for?

    Plasma Pen is a versatile beauty and cosmetic treatment that can treat a wide range of skin conditions for people of any age or gender. It Is commonly used for skin tightening and anti-ageing.

    Part of the natural aging process our dermal layer thins, less collagen is produced, elastin fibres wear out and skin can wrinkle, sag and lose laxity and texture. Plasma Pen skin tightening treatment uses plasma technology to tighten the skin, face and neck, lift drooping eyelids and smooth out wrinkles.

  • Is it an invasive treatment?

    Definitely not! The treatment does not require any cutting or surgery and no anaesthesia is required. Depending on the area however treatments can take anywhere between 20-30mins and there is very minimal down time. There will be small formations of scabs and slight swelling after the treatment. There will be visible results after one treatment and there will also be a gradual improvement over a couple of weeks.

In simplest terms our plasma pen device is able to significantly tighten, lift, resurface, rejuvenate and regenerate practically any area of the skin. It is a cost-effective & highly compelling alternative to all other medi-aesthetic procedures you may know including injectables, fillers, micro needling, laser, mesotherapy, dermabrasion and chemabrasion and most elective cosmetic surgery procedures.